At all times when not in use, please store your Rotio Compass in the supplied storage tin to avoid external contaminates. 

Should grit or other foreign material enter the bearing of the compass, clean using a high pressure air duster only. Please follow the safety instructions as stated by the original equipment supplier. 

Do not clean the Rotio Compass with water or other solutions that may cause corrosion. Contact with water should be avoided however should your Rotio Compass come into contact with water, please dry as soon as possible. 

Occasionally it may be necessary to lubricate the bearing post cleaning to keep it running smooth. Use a common house lubrication oil such as WD40 ensuring excess oil is cleaned up. 

Pen/pencil Compatibility

While much effort has been put into the sizing and chamfers of the holes and is compatible with a large range of pens and pencils, some however will not be suitable or compatible.